Wae Rebo is an old Manggaraian village, situated in pleasant, isolated mountain scenery. The village offers visitors a unique opportunity to see authentic Manggarai housing and to experience the everyday life of the local community. In the village of Wae Rebo, visitors can see mbaru niang – traditional, circular cone-shaped houses with very unique architecture. Nowadays, it is still a place to hold meetings, rituals and Sunday-morning prayers together.

The circular, cone-shaped buildings were all rebuilt in a traditional way. In contrast today’s rectangular buildings, the hearth is situated in the center of the house. The massive roof, made out of palm fiber, is supported by a central wooden pole. The ceremonial house – differing in size from the other buildings – is the place where sacred heirloom drums and gongs are stored, and where different ceremonies and rituals are held. This house is a communal building, gathering eight families who are descended from a common ancestor under its huge roof. Its structure symbolizes the unity of the clan, with the sacred drums considered the clan’s medium to communicate with the ancestors.

DAY I Labuan Bajo – Denge Village

  • Meeting assistance at Labuan Bajo Airport then drives to Lembor is the largest wet paddy field in west Flores
  • Denge is the village where we start trekking to Waerebo, stay overnight at locals house and spend the rest of the afternoon interacting with locals people

DAY II   Denge – Waerebo Village

  • After breakfast, trekking around 3-4 hours to Waerebo village.
  • On the way will be stop at Nampe Bakok – a place where you will have a complete view over the traditional village of Waerebo
  • Arrive at Waerebo by midday. Lunch and dinner will be provided at the village.
  • Spend your whole afternoon in the village to comprehend the local’s way of life and its surrounding.
  • Stay overnight will be provided at a traditional house to share the experience of being in the locals home.

DAY III Waerebo Village – Cancar – Labuan Bajo

  • After breakfast, then trek the same way back but this time you walk downhill until reaching a starting point and the driver will waiting you back to Labuan bajo.
  • On the way stop at Cancar (spiderweb rice field )
  • Arrive in Labuan Bajo by late afternoon or early of the evening.


AC Coach, English Speaking Guide, Driver, Petrol, Accomodation in traditional house, Meals in Waerebo village, Donation Fee


Personal needs and Insurance


Long pants, long sleeves, insect spray, sun protection, trekking/ walking shoes, rain coat (when it’s rain), Camera/ Video Camera, IDR in Cash for personal expenses and other important things during your travel date which unmentioned here.


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