Snorkeling Trip Package 4



Departure from Labuan Bajo at 08.00 am to the island named Seraya Island while here the island is very beautiful with under water scenery and full of reef that are still living here is also a resorts where we could stay a few days while we are snorkeling about 1 hour until 1,5 hours .

Continue to Sabolo Island which is the inhabited island and has beautiful beaches and underwater scenery with colorful coral, many kinds of fish you can see during your snorkeling and we can do swimming and snorkeling around 1 hour  then continue to Rangko Cave.

Goa Rangko like an oasis in the scorching sun in connecting the mainland to the island of Komodo, sticking Rangko attractions of Goa as a tourist alternative. Rangko cave or most famous as Secret Cave is the most beautiful cave in East Nusa Tenggara and not so many people who know this place. Goa Rangko has very clear water, this water is trackhis and containing high levels of salt with a depth of 3-4 meters and has a good level of clarity. Stalactites and stalagmites was very beautiful, we can jump from a height of 10 meter cliff to the water.


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